Caleb Abrams, Corey Lewis & Winter Valko Delivers Yet Again With Chronic Commissions

I recently vowed not to promote anything in my blog unless its real BIG, ‘turn the market upside-down’ kinda promotion. My previous selection – Anik’s “Profit Jackpot” bundled up with some brilliant WordPress plugins under the names of “Article Jackpot,” “Video Jackpot” etc., was a killer product with a merely negligible price-tag which was immensely successful. But few days ago came out, a monster with a thunderous approach which seems even more valuable in making money online.

“Chronic Commissions” by Corey Lewis & Winter Valko is the hottest IM product that even the best of the IM veterans like Adeel Chowdry, Jani G, Alex Malave, Joey Kissimmee, Tim Bekker, Adam Horowitz & Tim Donovan, Huey Lee & Rasheed Ali, Chris Moran, Dan Brock, Bill Mcrea, Paul & Antonio, Travis Stephenson, Jamie Lewis, Phil Springer, Steven Johnson, Socrates Socratous, Sean Clark, Shawn Casey & Tom Bell, Andrew X, Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim, Nick Marks, Aaron Darko, Matt Marcus, Charles & Philip Mutrie, Todd Gross, Blake Barrett and Greg Wood (in no particular order) have joined in the fun.

Caleb Abrams Chronic Commissions

Now who the hell is Caleb Abram? Well, he was once the ‘Couch Surfer’ now turned into an internet millionaire by accident or perhaps as a reward for his attitude towards life. Nevertheless the team Caleb, Winter and Corey have really been giving out a software that genuinely takes just five clicks. I said “genuinely takes just 5 (FIVE) clicks” because not so long ago I myself fell for a crappy “13 Click” promise; I’m sorry if you really know the product I mean. But Caleb Abram delivers upon his words which means you need nothing but this software along with a ClickBank ID in order to make money online. You don’t even need a single web page on a website of somebody else.. no, no. All you need is Caleb’s software and the CB ID. That’s it.

We all know Winter and Corey have delivered some great IM products in the past. This “Chronic Commissions” along with Caleb Abrams not only tops their own previous products but also each one of those ‘so called’ automated-online-money-making products that exist in the market today.

Chronic Commissions does not just keep to what it says on the sales page. It makes real money real quick. Products or software of this quality are very rare and comes to the market only once in a blue moon. Having said that, this is the kinda product that suddenly disappear from the market due to its massive money-making potentials.

However it is likely that those who jumps on the train first have certain advantage over those who follow. So at $49.95 don’t just leave this one on the table any longer. Besides it has 60 day money back guarantee, which means you can ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase for ANY DARN REASON and you will be refunded with no questions asked. How cool is that. So take a free ride NOW!

Caleb Abrams Chronic commissions Header

36 thoughts on “Caleb Abrams, Corey Lewis & Winter Valko Delivers Yet Again With Chronic Commissions

  1. I purchased this program early this morning and I haven’t heard any more about the product after I purchased this. I clicked on the link and put me email address in and password and all I got was pretty much a blank page.I have the receipt for $49.95 that I had purchased for this.I want to know how I have to go about making money on this system.Could you please let me know the steps to generate money or could you please refund my money.Thank you and God bless. Sincerely, Star

    • The way I see it, your order has not been processed properly. If your paypal/card has been debited for the amount (which may not be the case, most probably), please open a ticket at hxxp:// and they will provide the access link for the software. Please state your receipt no and all the references.


    • Hey Star,

      Have you sorted your order yet?
      If you are still struggling, forward me all the details with order numbers n stuff, VIA THE CONTACT ME FORM of this blog. Don’t just post the details as a comment.
      I will try and sort it out on your behalf.


  2. I also bought this program and while I did get in and set up the campaigns I do not understand what to do with the tracking links. I have submitted 2 support tickets and have yet to receive confirmation of my request for help.
    What do I do with the campaign tracking links? I understood from the very long sales video that I did not even need a list or a website to make money with this program. Was this a lie?
    If you are promoting this program then would yo mind helping a fellow out with an answer or two? Thanks.

    • 1. The Chronic Commissions software will build you custom squeeze pages.
      2. Most important part is the traffic source for those squeeze pages, comes in the way of ‘Solo ads.’
      3. you will be given a directory of solo ads. This directory will show important information such as the list size, the cost and so on.
      4. Track the campaigns that you have created with neat tracking interface provided with ‘Chronic Commissions.’

  3. I’m an Internet entrepreneur and purchased the package. Again, I’m a bit disappointed at the oversell and lack of disclosure until you actually get into this system. No disclosure that the “Secret” traffic source will cost you any money. This is however one of the best pitches I’ve seen in awhile. The surfer dude delivery seems to be right out of Frank Kern’s playbook.

    What I’d like to see are some real numbers on solo ads:

    1) What are some of the average conversion rates?
    2) How unique are the pre-made swipe files?
    3) How many times are these ads being mailed out to the solo ad list(s) sources provided?

    At an average cost of $150-$300 to send out your ads I’m more comfortable putting that into PPC. (I’ve managed over 7 figure spends on Adwords)

    In a nutshell: You get 6 offers to promote…you can pay for the up-sell and get 36 more offers. The system appears to be a sophisticated affiliate tracking tool. It generates links and swipe files and then tracks your campaigns.

    There is no other instruction on which solo ad traffic sources are best for each offer.

    This system obviously is working for someone, but you’ll need some cash to experiment with it.

    • I agree on the point that there is lack of disclosure about having to spend more money on the “secret traffic source.”

      However, its a nifty tool even excluding the traffic source (If you have other cheap sources of traffic). Secondly you can integrate your own autoresponder ID in terms of growing your own list.

      Yes, it does initially cost some money to experiment with the system. Then again you have 60 day total money back guarantee, what ever the reason may be, even if you wanna lend your grandpa $50, you got it; no questions asked.

      Having said that, the overall product is brilliant and is very good value for money.

  4. it says you need nuthing to start.with the comments i see im real leary now…you hav to buy you softwere then pay someone else after that to get it to work..i just started my websight and was a little slow on puttin it this sounds more like more than 5 clicks of a mouse..tell me if im wrong

  5. I bought it this morning and got it refunded this morning.

    Brilliant pitch. I was there. I was with Caleb but then…what I bought did not corrolate to what I was pitched. The whole thing is let down by the system it leads you through to and the fact that you then have the pay more for the traffic…

    Not cool guys. First time I have ever requested a refund.

    • All it says is you don’t need anything else externally in order to completely set the system up (website, hosting etc.). Lack of disclosure about having to pay for the traffic sources within the system, however is a different reason altogether. You have every right to ask for a refund, if you don’t like the product.
      Having said that, would you return a car that you bought, just because it costs for fuel and maintenance?

      Nevertheless, the overall product is brilliant.

      • You said: “…would you return a car that you bought, just because it costs for fuel and maintenance?” Well, that is a stupid question and has no place here, because everyone knows that a car requires fuel and maintenance. However, not everyone knows that an IM marketing program requires the purchase of other stuff (i.e., solo adds, etc.) especially when they claim that nothing else is needed than the software. Caleb’s story said all he did was follow the five click instructions that CJ gave him on the CD and he made $12 and then he did that same thing about 100 times and made many thousands. It is misleading and dishonest not to disclose everything.

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  7. I just paid the $49.95 to get in the front door and like others, I am disappointed and now leary. I know it says money back guaranteed, but I really took a step back about the possibility of committing the extra $195.00. There’s nothing on this blog that speaks about anyone actually making any money – is this worth it??

  8. I am having so many problems with the chronic commisions and have spent too much money for something that I got into. I am a disabled veteran from head injury and when I realized what I got myself into I know I must cancell all of this. I barely understand it. I have tried today and it has me physically ill. The money has posted and then there was clickbank, then aweber, My brain function is not well and I would like to cancel all and receive a refund on all. Would you please help me out.I didn’t understand what I was doing. Please contact me back asap concerning this matter. Thanks

    • Unfortunately this is not a support site for Chronic Commissions. You should be able to get a refund through their support site : hxxp:// Alternatively approach ClickBank directly.


      • dear Ameen could you please send me more detail about your successful at my address dr.rajaby (at)
        I am realy confused I can’t belive

  9. Okay, the thing seems to me is that you have to have money to make money. So if you’re poor, this really won’t help. If someone has to scrounge up the $50 thinking that’s all they have to pay, then you get there and it cost another $200, you can’t do anything. I’m a person who is lives day to day with the money I make and I need that money for frivolous things like rent and food. It seems to me if this really worked, they would actually give it to you for free instead of you having to pay first. How about not paying anything first, but you still have the information, then when a person starts making money, they can pay the cost? Would this system work? I don’t know any cheap traffic resource that this nifty tool will help. I don’t have a website, I can start a blog, but I’m not good at getting traffic there. I know it’s possible to make money on the internet, but I have trouble getting started. Ameen, since you seem to know what you’re doing, would you be able to give me any help or advice on how to go forward with this?

  10. Let me clear up few things about this product and any other CB product on “making money online” niche as a whole.

    1. How appealing a sales page might be, there isn’t and there won’t be any single push-button-software that would make money without any more effort and investment; although there are quite a number of valuable software products that can help in solving, automating certain aspects of “online-money-making.”

    2. If you think another investment of approx. $200 is too much for you, then please don’t commit and even ask for a refund of the initial $49.95.

    3. The proven method to make money online (without buying any product) is to create websites, drive traffic and monetize. But this may take real effort, commitment and investment.

    4. If something doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean its the same for everyone.

    5. My perspective of looking at these “make money online” products is, I already know that the sales pages might be hyped up a notch. But if the end product is real good and valuable, I don’t mind.

    6. If your perspective is any different such as you expect the product to be 100% exactly as explained in the sales page, and you would feel ‘ripped off’ when its not even if the end product is good and valuable; then stop buying any product that claims to make you money online.

    7. If you feel this is not for you, simply go ahead and request a refund. No body has and ever will force you into buying anything online. Its your own choice.

    Hope this helps…

    • Caleb says that when he first did this, he only had $12 in his bank. He didn’t say he used that $12 to operate the system. He made every implication that he didn’t put any money into it whatsoever. So, what happened the system that Caleb used? Why didn’t he say it would cost another $200 or so? I want the program that he used, or implied he used, that doesn’t cost anything extra. Was he lying?

      • Let me point you towards point No.1 again. If you can’t understand my perspective on this whole thing, please don’t bother commenting here.

        If you have serious complaints about the product, sales page or the usability please contact their support. Just commenting here with criticism won’t get you anywhere.

    • yes,youre right,but these days and times people are desperate.they are hoping that there are some real-honest people out there who claim to be poor,losing or about to loose there homes and they give you all these lies and false hopes that maybe just maybe,a real person in qne of our thousands of shoes really is making a fantatic living off the net and that they wont give out a bunch of b.s. and help some of us out here,because the goverment,states or anybody like that isnt and cant help us,this so called county paved in gold is going to be streets filled with people living in boxes,and standing in soup lines!!!sound familar,it should because were all heading that way if people dont quite being selfish and help oneanother~!!!!! yvonne,

  11. Hi everyone,

    Ameen Aliyar, I respectfully post here on your blog and ask your permission to help if I can…

    Firstly I can understand some frustration you are all having as I’ve been there but getting upset with Ameen Aliyar is a little unfair… Just Ameen, you are in the firing line here 

    As a highly experiences and currently successful online marketer who also consults medium to large companies with their online marketing I may be able to help… I was asked today by a friend to take a look at a number of things which make claims to earning big including this Chronic Commissions thing.

    Currently I personally earn from click bank, adsense and renting high ranking websites to professional business owners and have the authority and know how to help most of you who would like a heads up on some genuine ways to make your living online. Please understand there are always ongoing costs to running a successful online business so if you can’t put aside at least $80 to $250 a month as an absolute minimum there is really very little chance of you ever succeeding online in my ‘opinion’.

    I do NOT create software or sell how to make money courses or recommend such things to make a living, I do recommend tools that are created by software such as tools to:

    1. Build websites;
    2. Tools to create strength to those websites so Google and other search engines will rank you high
    3. And a whole lot of hard work.

    If you were to look me up I live – Sydney Australia and ALL my details are on my website hxxp:// including a phone number and address to contact me… no hiding behind a website.

    I am willing to help at no cost to anyone (to a point) and point you in the right direction if you like but please value my time and contact me by email on my website if you would like some direction.

    I may set up a one off skype ‘conference’ call as skype is free and help by answering questions for you all.

    Once I get you started I will then give you access to a page on one of my websites that is usually reserved for my seminar attendees. And you will never see or hear me try to sell you anything other than my recommendations that you will know the cost of before you dive in. Anything I recommend to you will 100% be what I use myself including software and outsources from the Philippines, India and the UK.

    All my very best and thank you Ameen Aliyar for allowing me to post on your blog.

    Mark B,
    Sydney Australia

  12. I should sue your company in to the stone ages
    for wasting my TIME. I am a lawyer and my fees are
    So I figured that you wasted my 45 mins listening
    to some clown talking shit, you would owe me

    People, get real.

    • Nobody’s stopping you buddy… Go ahead sue anyone you like.

      You are a 650/hr lawyer ….. Ha haa. Rephrase it so you are a 650/hr lawyer, searching the net for “Chronic Commissions,” “Caleb” or other CB products to make you money????? Money should be of no concern to you, if you can hear my simple “Logic;” Lawyer!

      If you are furious about you being a sucker, take your anger elsewhere. We have no room for dogs who just bark.

      • A friend referred me to the site, just to take a peek.
        My question is why not just tell people the truth.
        So, it’s people like you that live off other hard working
        people’s backs. It’s so sad that scum like you can hide behind
        a computer screen.

        • Hey Tony,

          It seems that you can only manage few angry words as a reply, instead of rational discussion.

          Never mind, but this is my personal blog and here I would write and recommend products that might be useful for beginners and veterans alike.

          Secondly, the only people live off other hard working people’s back are the governments and corrupted politicians. If you are a real “lawyer,” you should know this by now.

          Btw I’m not hiding behind a computer screen. Logically, it would be contradicting to blog and hide at the same time.

          Like I said, if this isn’t working for you, fine. Even if you like the product, you feel bad about the “lack of disclosure,” fine; get a refund.

          If you are still angry at the product or the authors, then why not take it up with the owners at their site.

          I promote it because I like it. Who the hell are you to judge me…

  13. OK. All said and done. Are there any successes. Has anyone gotten the system set up and and made more than $49.95 + $200. I came to sites like this before the purchase to get the scoop.

  14. I have read all through your blog and am very grateful for the information I got on Chronic Commissions. As usual some people liked it and others wanted their refund ASAP. I haven’t bought the product yet but with trepidation I think I will buy it next month after I get some more money. It does anger me that his ramblings are, at times misleading. I’m glad I found out about the $200.00 ahead of time so when I do purchase this, that won’t hit me like a ton of bricks. Now, in anyone’s opinion, do you think that it will be against me to buy rather late in the game? Will the well, so to speak, dry up? In other words, not knowing yet a whole lot about this, does any one have the impression that by the time I buy CC all the blogs will be gone or used up and I will find myself without much profit coming in? I have never bought a program close to form like this one so I’m not sure what to expect. Any ideas?

    • Cindy,

      The product depends on a method called solo ads to drive traffic to the landing pages generated by the product itself. However, given the number of email lists provided, I would say, with time the email campaigns are to become less and less effective.
      As of this moment, don’t commit with the extra $200. But if you really wanna feel the product, go ahead and purchase it, besides you have a 60 day money back guarantee for the initial $50 anyway.

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  16. I like your blog! The info was great. Its to bad some people don’t see that you are not trying to sell Chronic Profits, just reporting on it. I do agree with the missleading info on the video. I seems to throw up a red flag. Although this is a fairly new launch of a sister product were as the former product did make money to my understanding. The early bird gets the worm, maybe.

  17. Whew! I can only add that getting hit up with one upsell after another is just so……tired. Really, no one likes this pounding when they are seeking help to get off the ground. If folks are successful with one product they purchase from a solid company, they will be back for more and more. It’s absolutely true there are too many pick-pocket scams out there, yet there are still really good businesses out there that can and will help you. Don’t ever expect the giant money claims. If you do, it will serve you right to be let down. What I didn’t get from Caleb’s next day webinar with the English fellow was the $1,000.00 program. The price point is way out of most folks reach. That was an interesting Webinar but it wasn’t live in my opinion. Not one question that I asked was posted or answered. The following day I received an offer for about half off as there was one program left. I like listening to new offers even though most are the same old, same old with a new paint job. BTW – I am in mail order and have been for years. In my opinon you have to build brick by brick. 5 clicks to success….never happened for me, but if you build a solid foundation people come back over and over again because you have built their trust. That’s the way to have a life long business and a good bottom line.

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