How To Make Money Online In Sri Lanka?

A question I often get by people who have just started using internet and it’s resources. If you are one of those people looking for opportunities to make a buck online, get ready and make space in your tummy in order to digest this reading.

Online Business Opportunities

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘Online Business Opportunity’? Most people get the wrong idea and somehow they picture a magic button which generates piles of cash when pressed. Some people know there are simple methods and systems and somehow assume that these systems ought to be ‘very easy methods of online wealth’. Before we start exploring methods to make money online in Sri Lanka, I want you to understand that a business opportunity online does not imply easy money. If you are looking for easy money, there is no such thing and even if there is, this is not the place to look for it.

What’s Different In Sri Lanka?

Well, quite a few things. Generally speaking, an ‘online business’ is an ‘online business’. So you don’t have to worry much about the differences. But it is good to know that you will face some limitations in products and services, for countries like Sri Lanka. e.g. It is still not possible to receive  funds to a local bank account via PayPal. (Of course there are workarounds for these sort of issues. At least you’ll be able to find alternatives. If you are in need of solutions for these sort of limitation issues, Rumblinglankan is a very good resource to find workarounds and alternatives.)

Ok, Here’s the Big Secret

The biggest secret of online success is the fact that there are no secrets in this trade. If you come across opportunities that claim to be the next big thing, promise the world and say that you could buy a chunk of the moon one day. Don’t just avoid them, run away from them like you’ve been chased by a dog. Think you’ve already found the next big thing online? Think twice…

So, How To Make Money?

Answering to this question is a bit tricky! Suppose you ask exactly the same question in the context of the outside world, what would be your answer? Why do you expect it to be different in the context of the virtual world? Let me explain..

A traditional business model in the real world, requires

  • Comparatively big capital
  • Considerable amount of time to invest
  • Intensive knowledge about the business and the market
  • Working with high risks

Whereas a virtual business model, requires

  • A nominal capital in most cases
  • Minimal amount of time to launch and flexibility at maintenance
  • Very basic knowledge to operate
  • Zero or very low risks

Compared to a traditional real world business these four elements are minute in an online business. So do we have the right to assume that making money online is a piece of cake?

For the last few months I have been involved in a lucrative business which has a very simple system that makes  real money. I said ‘very simple system’, not ‘very easy system’. Before you jump into conclusions, let me stress that this is not a magic button or few clicks to become a millionaire. This is a virtual business done with real people in the real world. That’s why it makes real money.

I’m involved in so many trades….  I do forex, stock exchange, traditional buying and selling of goods and in fact this very blog makes me some extra cash. But there is a major difference for my latest venture and all of the above. The difference is the “Passive Income“.

Since I don’t intend to charge a penny for this invaluable information, I would like to know how much interested are you in becoming a part of this business. For that, I need you to contact me and explain why do you think you’re fit to start a virtual business and partner with me.

Note: You are always welcome to leave a comment. But leaving a comment alone does not qualify you to receive this information.


  1. Must be a person living in Sri Lanka
  2. Sri Lankans who live abroad are considered too.

Ok, Now it’s your turn to take action! contact me now

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  3. Hm.. making money without a job has sometimes really been really hard; usually I purchase some things and make money from those. although they are extremely expensive! Trying to make money without any sort of job experience is even harder. A lot of things are just worthless, however this post surprisingly Taught me so much. Thanks So Much! :)

  4. I saw this web page where you can get information for Sri Lanka home workers who are looking for jobs to earn money.
    First of all have your own blog to start the works.

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