How to Embed MP3 to a Website and Play Continuously without Interruption Across Pages

One of my recent web designing projects had to deal with embedding MP3 with ‘Autoplay’ on. This happened to be a task easy enough, because almost all of the xspf players come with the ‘Autoplay’ feature. However my client wanted his MP3 playing within the site (not in a pop up window) continuously even across pages and posts. What ‘Autoplay’ does is start the playlist fresh after each page-load, which wasn’t just good enough for my client. So I had to search for a better solution, which I managed to find eventually.

Here’s the solution for those who seek similar multimedia functionality in a website.

The embedded flash player I used was the xspf player from boutell. This was the only flash player I found to have an ‘Autoresume’ feature on. For a fresh site needing both ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Autoresume’ from within the website, a comprehensive installation guide can be found at the above link.

However my task was beyond just finding a player which did this. Because my client was using the ‘Tierra audio playlist manager‘ plaugin for WordPress to manage his playlists and yes it was a WordPress based project. I was suddenly in a different hole with a brand new set of problems. Fortunately ‘Tierra audio plugin’ provided the option to upload and use other xspf players for playback. Having said that, ‘Autoresume’ off by default in the Boutell’s xspf player questioned the implementation with the Tierra plugin.

After about 3 hours of researching and analyzing, I modified the ‘Tierra audio playlist manager’ plugin to include ‘Autoresume’ feature as a widget option. Follow the steps below to add MP3 with ‘Autoresume’ on to your WordPress site.

  1. Download the modified ‘Tierra audio with autoresume‘ playlist manager plugin and upload it to your WordPress site. Alternatively, use WordPress plugin directory to install the plugin – Download from
  2. Create MP3 playlists using ‘Playlist Manager’ interface.
  3. Tick the ‘Autoresume’ option when adding the widget or use shortcodes as needed.
  4. And that’s all. Enjoy continuous MP3 playback in the site.

Although it’s not needed for ‘Autoresume’ to work, if a custom player needs to be used along with this plugin’s MP3 management system, do the following in the widget options :-

Enter the url http://YOURDOMAIN/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-playlist-manager/swf/YOUR-CUSTOM-PLAYER in the ‘custom xspf swf player field within the widget options. (replace YOURDOMAIN with the actual domain and YOUR-CUSTOM-PLAYER with the uploaded custom player swf file)

Plugin shortcodes and usage

using the short code [ti_audio] by itself will attempt to play playlist #1, which may or may not exist. It’s always preferable to use a named Playlist when calling the player or to set the id.

Plays playlist with name “Name of Playlist” (case sensitive)

[ti_audio name="Name of Playlist"] 

Plays playlist #1

[ti_audio id="1"] 

Uses the swf located at this location, rather than the default.
Your root folder must contain a crossdomain.xml file allowing
another domain’s swf access to XML data. Also passed is the
name of the player and the swf’s width and height values.

[ti_audio skin="/player/xspf_player_custom.swf" width="260" height="315"] 

In addition, you can also change the following attributes of the player (defaults shown):

Sets player to begin playing on load. Default is off, 0.


Sets player for continuous playback, fresh page-load will only pause the player for moments (given the player resides in a common place sucha as sidebar or footer). Default is off, 0.


Sets player to begin loading assets before the user clicks anything. Default is on, 1.


Sets player to repeat once it reaches the end of the playlist. Default is off, 0.


URL of the XSPF swf to use for display. Uses default player unless specified.


Set if the skin attribute points to a SWF of different dimensions.


Set default volume level (in percent)


Set the playlist to play in random order


Single Audio Track:

If you are looking to embed a single file, use the following short code.

Plays audio file with id of 1

[ti_audio media='201'] 

Plays single audio file, set to auto play, repeat and volume at 60%

[ti_audio media='201' autoplay="1" repeat="1" volume="60"] 


You can embed the audio player into any WordPress template. Much like the short code examples above, you can customize the values within your own templates. Here are all of the fields that you can specify should you choose. Omitting a field will set it to the plugin�s default values.

<? if (function_exists ("ti_apm_print_player")) { print ti_apm_print_player (array( "name" => "Name of Playlist", "skin" => "/player/xspf_player_custom.swf", "autoplay" => "0", "repeat" => "0", "width" => "400", "height" => "170" )); } ?>

To play a single audio file within your template, specify the following:

<? if (function_exists ("ti_apm_print_player")) { ti_apm_print_player (array( "media" => "3" )); } ?>

Original plugin and usage information from Tierra Innovation

Hope this tutorial helped you.

169 thoughts on “How to Embed MP3 to a Website and Play Continuously without Interruption Across Pages

  1. @jacof
    Yes, you could. You have to enter url of mp3 files in the remote folder at the upload section.
    Settings >> Tierra Audio Playlists >> select ‘use existing url’ right at the bottom.

    But the problem is though, most servers by default don’t allow external file requests for mp3 audio as per my experience.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve noticed that with Autoplay turned off, the player does not load the playlist options until the “play” button is first pressed.

    Is there a way to make the player load the playlist (so that the track names are visible), without actually starting the music?

    You can see what I mean at hxxp:// – the player is currently set to “Autoplay=0″, and all it says is “Playlist managed by Tierra Audio..” until a button is pressed.

    Thank you.

    • Bryce, You’re right. If ‘Autoplay’ is turned off, player does not load the playlist. Interesting idea though.
      I’ll see what I can do.
      I’m quite busy these days with some of my other projects, but I will try this soon.


  3. I love this update. It was terrific to have the playlist load finally and really complete that functionality I was looking for. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if there’s a bug here somewhere. Everything was great, then…

    I just uploaded a new audio track, and now the player is gone. The widget’s title is still showing, but the player disappeared. Very strange. I will try to investigate more myself when I get a chance.

  4. @Thomas

    The update just worked fine for me in this blog. Perhaps you could give me detail so I could fix any bug (if there is), in the interest of other users.


  5. Yeah, it’s weird. It worked for me, at first. I tried very carefully to retrace my steps to figure out exactly when it went offline.

    Meanwhile, just saw you you released a 2.2.2 with “bug fix” in the changelog. Not sure what you found, but whatever it was, it’s fixed.

    So appreciative! Again, really love the plugin, will sing its praise. Thanks much and please, feel free to come over to to check out the beginnings of your handiwork.

  6. Hmm, on second thought (appreciation still there of course) it seems like now the auto-resume function isn’t working between pages. I checked my widget settings and they are the same. This isn’t actually a huge deal for me (that function was always more terrific novelty than absolute necessity for me), but it was kind of a sexy draw. Meanwhile, is there a more appropriate forum for me to send this feedback? I’d hate to think these comments were inappropriately placed.

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Version 2.2.2 works well for me (sidebar here…).

    I’m beginning to think if the issue has anything to do with the browser you are using.

    I will come over to your site and check it out soon… I will also have to run some tests on different browsers.

  8. Sounds good. I’ll play around with it too on some different browsers besides Chrome. But yeah, auto function totally worked, but no auto load of the playlist. 2.2.1, playlist, but then the whole thing went away for some reason. 2.2.2, all back to normal, playlist loading, except auto-run didn’t work.

    I even tried disabling all the other plugins to see if there was a conflict. Doesn’t seem to be.

    • @Thomas,

      I just checked out your site. I just love it! Beautiful design to complement brilliant content.
      Btw mp3 player seem to work fine when I reach your site. I tried Chrome, Firefox and IE 8. Did you change anything? If so, please let me know so I could update the plugin once more.


  9. Hi!,

    First of all THANK YOU for this very good player!
    But i have a problem to apply it on the footer of my page. I noticed that it cant find the player since there’s only a blank spot.

    how can i fix this ? please help me!


  10. The latest version should work fine.

    Confirm your theme and display code aren’t bugging the display of the player.

    Let me know if that worked…

    • @Robby C

      To make the playlist visible give the widget a height of 120 or more.

      Secondly, you can use any player with this plugin (specify player URL at widget settings) but unfortunately you can’t skin this particular player.
      Also if you use any other xspf player, you lose the all important “autoresume” functionality.

      Hope this helped

      • How exactly do I enable a different player? I found one I like here, hxxp://, but can’t figure out how to integrate it.

        • Sorry; I’ve been busy with some other projects.

          If you haven’t yet found the solution, upload the new xspf skin to the “/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/swf” folder and then specify the URL to the player within the widget, starting from “/wp-content….”

          e.g. You would have to enter “/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/swf/YOURPLAYER.swf” (without quotes), in order to use the YOURPLAYER.swf.

  11. Hi.. Firstly thanks for this. My problem is that it worked fine when I installed it, but now the auto-resume isn’t working anymore – and I’ve made no changes to anything. What I have noticed is that when loading a page on my site, the browser reports “transferring data from” and its also connecting to

    Are these from the plugin? I can’t think of anything else as there’s nothing else on the page that it could be. And if so , is there any way to disable connecting to these sites? I do know mochibot, but don’t want to use it for this particular site.


    • Roger, There is no reason why autoresume should not work. Have you udpgraded the plugin to the latest version 2.2.2?
      Try to find out if your problem is browser specific.

      Btw those url loadings can’t be from this plugin. Try deactivating all plugins and activate them one by one.

      Good Luck!

  12. Try as I might I have not been able to get the autoresume function to function properly. Then again, it doesn’t seem to work on this page (of yours) either.

    Any ideas?

    • Hey James,

      I’ve found couple of minor bugs which will be fixed in the next version.
      Download 2.3 when its out, hopefully soon.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  13. is auto resume suppose to pick up no matter where the progress of song is? if i’m in the middle of track #2, when i go to a different page, it starts track number two all over again. is this a error?

    • Autoresume works great with my testing. Unless of course you are using a web browser only a ten people have heard about, the plugin should work fine and resume the audio, where it paused during a pageload.

  14. Hey all,

    I’ve been away for few days.

    I’m aware of some minor bugs in the existing latest version of this plugin. Please be patient until I get 2.3 ready.

    Also for the convenience of everyone, I’m wondering if you guys would like to have a support forum dedicated to this plugin.

    Please leave feedback and I will eventually decide upon the best interest of the majority of users.

    Kind Regards

  15. Can anyone explain how I can change the file size max? I’ve been reading forum and I have no idea how to create or find a htaccess file. Thanks

    • You don’t have to. Use FTP for uploads and add the tracks by specifying the URL (URL upload) in the plugin interface.

  16. Great plugin!
    I would like to make my own minimal skin to fit to my page. I need autoresume with that skin. are there any sources to the xspf_player.swf?
    I just noticed that “volume”=>”20″ doesn’t work on xspf_player.swf, but on ti-player.swf it works. (using theme integration)
    Best regards,

  17. Hi, very nice player!! I have one problem though. The autoresume function does not work if you start the player clicking a song. Only if you click play. Most people will just click the song. Ideas? I have the latest WordPress update.

    • Interesting approach. I don’t really see why it does that, because either way the play function of the player is initiated.
      Will research more if I have time. Can’t promise anything at the moment.

  18. This is an awesome plugin. I was wondering has there been any progress in fixing the autoresume bug. I found an audiobar plugin that makes an iframe for music to be played in. I was wondering if there was a way to load your player in place of the player that is in the audiobar plugin

  19. @Ameen we are getting a lot of support requests for the changes made to our plugin to support your xspf player and the auto-resume features. We’d rather just roll your changes into our plugin and have you remove your version out of the WordPress plugin repo to avoid confusion. Can you send us along your fla file for the player if you made any changes, or simply let us know if it is one of the defaults?


    Todd Stowell
    Tierra Innovation

  20. Hey, awesome plug-in..
    Works great.

    I have a question. I have a client that wants to be able to have music playing while people would browse his site on an iPhone. I.E no flash.

    Does anyone have a solution to this? He basically wanted a music playlist manager/player. Which this has met and exceeded his expectations. But now he wants the content to be accessible via an iPhone.

    Any ideas?

  21. Hi,

    As soon as I activated plug in wordpress, flash on my homepage stopped to work. When I deactivated, it started again normally. And I didn’t change anything. What could that be? Help?


  22. Hi Ameen,
    i realy want to say you ‘thank you’ for this wonderful plugin! and for sharing your code with us! It work well with shortcode or php.

    Only one question, how to leave active only one player when differents pages this same player are opened in different tabs?

    Anyway thanks again,

    • If you haven’t yet found the solution, upload the new xspf skin to the “/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/swf” folder and then specify the URL to the player within the widget, starting from “/wp-content….”

      e.g. You would have to enter “/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/swf/YOURPLAYER.swf” (without quotes), in order to use the YOURPLAYER.swf.

  23. Thanks so much for this great plugin!

    I too am having problems integrating the PHP into my footer. It’s simply not showing up.

    Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  24. Hi everybody!
    Thx for the tuto :-)
    Is someone test the plugin with a WordPress MU Domain Mapping / Multi Site installation ?
    Because when I tried to install the plugin into my wordpress network installation, my network dashboard and my site dashboard didn’t work : I had just the “dashboard” and “profiles” entries into the left menu…!!
    I had to delete the plugin folder thanks to my ftp client…
    If you experienced something like that, tell me your story :-)
    Thanks everybody!

  25. Hi, the plugin works fine on widget sidebar area, but I have trouble same as other when trying to add it to footer.php, Please Help could someone post an example of how should be add it into footer.php

  26. Hi I am seconding Jean’s (and others) request. Also having trouble adding to footer area. Some additional documentation as to what kind of embed code we should be using would be great.

    • I will see what I can do. But can’t promise anything at the moment.

      The plugin is under MIT license, which means you can modify/alter/distribute just about anything in the code. So feel free to alter/edit and improve the plugin as you wish.

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  28. Hello,

    i’m using the latest plugin version on WP 3.1.1 ; i have tried to embeed the player using the shortcode in a page or adding the code in a common part (the footer) with the correct option autoplay on and autoresume on, but i don’t understand why the player sometimes start automatically and sometimes not? and when starts if a change page the autoresume doesn’t work… what can i try to do to fix it?


    • Hey Luca,

      When you first test the plugin, its advisable to clear your browser cache. Because the issues you mention seem to have something to do with the cache.

      With regard to autoresume, it will work only when the current track is fully loaded in the player. This means the autoresume will not work properly with visits that bounce quickly.

      Hope this helps



  30. Great solution! I just have 2 issues.

    One, the sound comes on full volume no matter what I set it at (I’m using the player in a sidebar widget). The site is hxxp://

    Two, if I pause the player on page 1, when I go to page 2 it starts up again. I have to pause it every time I navigate to a new page.

    Any suggestions?

  31. I was having trouble to make the auto-resume work when using the player directly on my header.php. ( Not as a Widget inside a sidebar) .

    I finally solved the problem, and now the autoresume is working everywhere on my Website. The solution was simple : Inverse the order of the autoplay and the autoresume fonction. So the browser read the autoresume before to auto-play.

    “autoresume” => “1″,
    “autoplay” => “1″,
    “repeat” => “1″,
    “width” => “90″,
    “height” => “40″
    } ?>

    • This is great – would you be able to post instructions as to how to place the player in the footer of a WordPress website? I would like to have music playing continually but I have a combination of pages, posts and sidebar, no sidebar pages…

      Also, when inserting the widget, I am not able to place the widget more than once (my theme allows me to customize different sidebars based on the page (ie. homepage, contact page, etc.

      • < ? if (function_exists ("ti_apm_print_player")) {
        print ti_apm_print_player (array(
        "name" => "Name of Playlist",
        "skin" => "/player/xspf_player_custom.swf",
        "autoplay" => "0",
        "repeat" => "0",
        "width" => "400",
        "height" => "170"
        } ?>

        Place this in any template you would like the player to appear and replace “name of playlist” with your playlist’s name.

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  33. Im trying to upload a file that is bigger than 10M using the “Use existing URL*” interface and I followed the instructions on adding the codes in the .htaccess file:
    php_value post_max_size 100M (or more if needed)
    php_value upload_max_filesize 105M (or more if needed)
    php_value max_execution_time 500 (or longer if needed)
    and nothing happends. I get a waring statement at the top that states: “Warning: get_headers() [function.get-headers]: Filename cannot be empty in /home7/thespac6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/audio-playlist-manager.php on line 975″

    I checked the file and the line and its not empty. It reads: “$info = get_headers(esc_url($_POST['externalURL']), 1);”.
    So what can I do to solve this problem and upload the file as desired?

    • This is probably due to limited server permissions at the external URL. Else the URL may be erroneous. Either way this is not an internal issue with the plugin.

      I’ve just tried external URLs with success.

      • I have the same issue as the user above. “Warning: get_headers() [function.get-headers]: Filename cannot be empty in ” I hope this feedback helps. I’m trying to find a work around.

  34. Hi, has anyone noticed any difference when using Internet Explorer 9? I installed xspf player last year before IE9 came out and all was fine. After installing IE9 the song plays over from the beginning again when changing webpages. So the auto-resume function seems to have been affected. Everything is still working fine with Firefox though. Has anyone else noticed this with IE9?

  35. Hi, I need help please. I have created a song list and the widget is in the post everything but it just doesn’t play, am I doing something wrong? When I go on Preview/Embed song it gives me options of Begin playing automatically etc, how do I save these settings? Oh and when I go on the preview he song plays but not in my post? Please help!

    • Try this…

      e.g. Plays single audio file, set to auto play, repeat and volume at 60%

      [ti_audio media='201' autoplay="1" repeat="1" volume="60"]

  36. Hello, Nice Plugin! Im having a bit of a problem though. I cannot get the plugin to play in the Template. I can only get it to work in an actual post or page I create. This is the code im using to try to get the player to play in my header

    “skin” => “/player/xspf_player_custom.swf”,
    “autoplay” => “1″,
    “repeat” => “1″,
    “width” => “400″,
    “height” => “170″
    } ?>

    But its only showing a blank space. What am I doing wrong?

    • Its probably because a player named “xspf_player_custom.swf” does not exist in the swf folder within the plugin.
      You may omit the skin field altogether or you may replace the value with “/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-with-autoresume/swf/xspf-player.swf”

      • I had this same issue and had to use the absolute URL for my custom skin instead of the relative one. The relative URL in the plugin’s documentation does not work.

  37. Hey, thanks so much for this explanation. I’m still having an issue.
    I have a main page, portfolio page and gallery page. My available widgets areas include “main page”, “portfolio sidebar”, “blog sidebar” and “contact sidebar”. Even though I need the player to continuously play across the entire site uninterrupted, I only have one instance of the tierra playlist that I can drag into one of the widget areas. How do I get the playlist into all of my widget areas playing continuously?


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  39. Hi. Great idea, thank you. I’m trying to embed an mp3 for one play of background sound, the opening theme from a video I’m going to give away…

    I don’t want it too loud, there visitor has text to read, and I want my visitor to pay attention to the text, but the music should be there somewhat softly, as if in the distance, to set a mood.

    Am using your shortcode: [ti_audio media="296" autoplay="1" repeat="0" volume="10"] .

    I’ve lowered it to 10 because 50 didn’t help, neither did 30: Still no change. .
    What am I doing wrong, if you have the time? This is the page: .

    hxxp:// .

    Thank you.

    • Yep. You’re right. The changes don’t seem to take effect. But it’ll be a while before I can dig into the error and fix it, because I’m pretty much buried in few other projects.

      If you may please seek help from a programmer. In the meantime, if I fix it then I will release as a new version, so you will know.

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  41. Hey! Great article – I’m trying to see this player in action, are there any examples? Right now we’re using a player called streampad (check out hxxp://, where we have to manually upload mp3 links (it doesn’t recognize soundcloud links) and people have to manually click “next page” to get the next page worth of music. A lot of people have been asking for a player like Hypem that will just have a continuous playlist (in order of blog post) no matter what page you’re on. We also have a shufflr account which is a continuous play but it’s not in order of posts and they don’t have a player. We really like the design of the streampad player (horizontal, bottom of page). Will this player resolve our issues, or does anyone know of one that will? Thanks!

  42. hi there,

    awesome work!

    why is it that when i add the widget to my sidebar, all i see when i press play is “undefined” in the track area? however, when i use the shortcode in a post, is works like a charm.

    any ideas?

    • silly me ;) i noticed my playlist name was incorect in the widget area as you mentioned in the previous comment. awesome :)

      but now :( the auto resume doesn’t work on each page load… “Resume Playing after pageload” is checked in the sidebar widget, but it still reloads the entire song on new page loads. am i missing something?

      • Auto resume best works when at least a single track is loaded in the player. e.g. if you try to switch pages as soon as the site loads, the player might start the track from the beginning.

        • thanks for the reply.

          by the look of the lighter grey bar, it looks like the entire song currently set to play first is loaded before i navigate… but still restarts on a new page load. when i upload my mp3 via ftp, i always see this in the Playlist Manager after adding the track via url

          “The remote server says the current mime type of this file is audio/mpeg. Please note that if this is not correct, the URL may not appear within the available items nor function correctly within the Audio Player.”

          could that be the problem… and if so, how would i correct it?

          i also notice no difference whatever i enter for the “Initial volume” setting, always seems to play at 100. is there a solution to that?


          • The message you get is normal. It is not a bug.

            All I can say is the plugin works just fine when I test from here. Try different browsers and version to see if the browser you use does cause any problem.

            If all fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin completely. Also note if there are any other conflicting media plugins.


  43. My problem is that as soon as the home page loads, the player seems to close the page and open a new page featuring just the player. Apart from that (??!!) a joy to set up. If I can get this to work I will be a happy bunny as my previous continuous player has run foul of a new set up at PayPal which rendered the site useless as a shop

    • The player should not open any new window… ???? Are you sure it’s this plugin that opens a new window?

      Check the features of the player in the sidebar of this site… This is exactly what it should do.


      • I have duble checked in Chrome FF and IE and the same issue arrives. The home page opens and then immediately the page is replaced by the player playing in the top left hand corner on a blank white page. It plays as it should but in the wrong place. Without the plugin widget the page opens normally

  44. OK I found the problem it clashes with another plug in WP. It does not like HacKedelic Widget Voodoo.

    However having got it to work voia the widget I now find that in spite of clicking auto resume, it insists on restarting every time I navigate to a new page

  45. Sorry if I am missing something obvious, but when I listen to the player and jump from page to page, whilst the track does indeed resume each time, there is a very noticeable pause. Wont this always be the case? Is it not possible to simply place the audio player in a hidden frame instead of reloading each time and so ensure that the stream is never interrupted?

    • A hidden frame or a different window was the preexisting popular solution. This particular player is intended to work specifically as an autoresume player “within the same browser window.” Of course there will be a pause, the time needed for the page to load; depending on the browser and the type of connection you might have.

  46. ALMOST everything works perfectly — for some reason, I am having a problem with the scroll. Increased the height from 32 to 150, with 7 songs in the play list. The first 4 appeared as expected. The scroll will go up and down, but the titles remain static. Did I miss something in the setup?

    Ths player has been left for you to see what I am talking about — this occurs in all 5 major browsers.

    • OK — now it is working, and as I didn’t make any changes it had to be the cache. Originally I cleared the cache on my mcahine () but the player list still appeared with the scroller working but the list not moving. Server issues perhaps? ( No WP cache plugins setup on this blog yet…)

  47. Hi there,

    This is not directly related to your post but I am researching to see if this might be possible — I am looking for a widget / plugin / script that will allow the end user to create a playlist of music hosted on multiple pages of a site.

    I have seen plugins which allow the web admin to host tracks within multiple pages on a WordPress site. I have also seen plugins which offer a pop out playlist, so the user can navigate away from a particular page where the songs were hosted.

    The most useful feature that seems to be missing however, is to allow a user to visit a particular page (e.g. artist’s profile page), add an hosted track from that page to a new playlist (within the pop out player), and then visit a second (artist profile) page and add a second track to the pop out playlist – without interrupting the music, of course.

    Any help, be it a link to something that does exactly what I want, or a push in the right direction towards an API that will allow me have it developed, would be greatly appreciated!

  48. Hey there. THis is a brilliant plugin and I have it all working well with the widget in the footer of the site. The only problem I’m having is that when I pressed the ‘stop’ button it started up again when I moved to a new page. I would rather it didn’t do that. How do I make sure it stays “off” if a visitor clicks the stop button.

    I’d also like to make the player more obvious so visitors can more easily find it if they want to switch it off. Is there a way to do that?

    Cheers and thanks so much for this awesome plugin.

    • You probably have “Begin playing automatically” ticked in your widget settings. Try unticking it, so the visitors who actually want the audio would click play, vise versa to the existing approach.

  49. Hi Ameen

    Thanks for a great plugin. Been looking all around for something like this but no-one wanted to use cookies, because sometimes they are not enabled on computers.

    I want to know how I could change the current default skin into something more suitable for my site. Is that possible?? I didn’t see any flash file I could work with. Is there a way to do this without needing to code it in actionscript.

    Another thing I want to know is… When I go between pages the autoresume feature would stop for a second and then resume where it left off. Is there any way of having the music resume without any interruptions like I see on so many flash sites?

    Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.


    • Hi,
      You can use your own flash player with this plugin, but for the autoresume to work it has to be the XSPF player from which I have included as the default player.

      Enter the url hxxp://YOURDOMAIN/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-playlist-manager/swf/YOUR-CUSTOM-PLAYER in the ‘custom xspf swf player field within the widget options. (replace YOURDOMAIN with the actual domain and YOUR-CUSTOM-PLAYER with the uploaded custom player swf file)

      If you really don’t like the pause between pageloads, only option you have is to embed a player in a separate window, which is beyond the scope of this particular plugin. Loading the player in a separate window was the pre-existing yet most common method to provide background music without interruption. A simple Google search may testify this.

      Hope this helps

      • Btw there is a folder named ‘SWF’ within the plugin folder (“/wp-content/plugins/tierra-audio-playlist-manager/swf/”) where your custom swf players should be uploaded to. Default and one other existing player reside in the same folder too…

  50. Hello Ameen,

    Great Plugin!

    Is there a way to adjust the standard volume to let’s say 30%?
    My page is using autoplay, but i don’t want to annoy the visitors with full power.. just a very slight background mood.

    I can try to use the editor to do that.. ;)

    Best regards,


    • There seems to be a problem with the default volume setup.

      If you are comfortable with codes, you are most welcome to edit and improve the plugin.


  51. I have the plugin installed. It shows on the front of the site in the footer. HOWEVER, nothing I do.. whether I use an external URL or upload a music selection. The files never show to be added to a playlist. I’ve created playlists just fine. I get success messages upon upload but the song selection list remains empty so I can’t add any to my playlist. Any suggestions?

    • In the WP settings, select ‘tierra audio playlists.’ Then select the playlist you want to use. Tick the uploaded tracks from the available tracks list and click “add.” This process will add the tracks to the playlist.

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  53. I’m so happy I found your modified player with the autoresume. that is terrific. One question, can you amend the plugin so that you can add a “title” to the widget. I want to be able to call it Audio from [my Domain] instead of using the playlist title which doesn’t mean much to my visitors.

    thanks, and keep up the good work.

    • I think, editing the plugin for such a matter is an overkill. It may be better that you change your playlist title to what ever the name you want to make visible as the title.
      OR create a fresh playlist in your preferred name and add desired tracks to it.

  54. Hi Ameen, thanks for your great music player, it’s working great on our website. I know you are very busy and of course I understand if this is not possible, but am I able to somehow have the songs fade in and fade out on page changes? Not sure where to start looking, I guess it would be in the player itself hey.
    Thanks for your help and for the great player

    • James,
      Thanks for your appreciation.
      About your request, its not possible because the player would be embedded in the web page, thus losing and regaining connection to the playlist as new pages are loaded. Put it this way, if you are able to fade in and fadeout the server connections in between pageloads, then there may be a chance; which is not the case in reality.


  55. I have a problem with my wordpress. After uploading your Tierra audio, I can not login to my admin panel. Files simply interfere with each other. When I delete files, everything is ok. What is the problem?

    • Strange. Nothings changed after the last update which was like ages ago. Perhaps you have another conflicting plugin installed. But I don’t want to shoot around the bush, since you have specifically isolated the problem as being this plugin. I may not be able to help you here. It seems your particular blog is better off without the plugin.


  56. Hi there, I really dig this plugin. It’s been great. However, it now no longer resumes across the site, no matter what I do, it starts from the beginning of the song that was playing once the page loads, rather than pick up where it left off. Any ideas on some troubleshooting or solutions?

    (I’ve checked my tickmarks, and deleted and reinstalled the plugin)

  57. I’m using wpaudio plugin for wordpress and I have the following code which works on one of my pages:
    [wpaudio url="http://blablabla..mymusicfile.mp3" dl="0" text="Music" autoplay="1"]
    It comes up and plays automatically which is fine, but only when user clicks on my About page.
    but i’d like to have it play continuously and automatically as viewer navigates through website.
    I tried inserting it into the footer.php and header.php but it won’t take. Why won’t it accept?

    • I tried tierra with autoresume as well.
      My footer.php file has:
      “26″)); } ?>

      [ti_audio media='26' autoplay="1" repeat="1" volume="60" autoresume="0" skin="xspf_player.swf" width="400" height="170"]
      neither of these work, the code simply appears on my website. Please help!

      • Shortcode is only for the use within posts or text fields. For hard coding your footer.php please read through the instructions above.

        • I couldn’t find which part specifically helps for hard coding. Do you mean my footer.php should be like:

          } ?>

          if 92 = my media file?
          Thank you in advance for any help!

          • Change the values according to your playlist created and paste this code in the template file. i.e. footer.php

            < ? if (function_exists ("ti_apm_print_player")) {
            print ti_apm_print_player (array(
            "name" => "Name of Playlist",
            "skin" => "/player/xspf_player_custom.swf",
            "autoplay" => "0",
            "repeat" => "0",
            "width" => "400",
            "height" => "170"
            } ?>

            To play a single audio file within your template, specify the following:

            < ? if (function_exists ("ti_apm_print_player")) {
            ti_apm_print_player (array(
            "media" => "3"
            } ?>

  58. I tried using the code that you post into your php theme, I’m doing it in my Index.php, and nothing happens. Also, Just to make sure, but when this works correctly, does it continue to play on all pages between page loads without resetting the song.

    I think this is a great plugin, I just want to know if I am using it right


    • If you update index.php the player will appear only in your homepage.
      So if you want the player to appear throughout the site, use the player widget in a sidebar or code it in the footer.php.
      The player does not reset the song, in fact resumes from where it paused upon pageloads, which means there is a pause for a split second in between pageloads.


  59. Hi there,

    haven been searching for ages for a autoresume function and i finally found it here. Thanks for that! There is just 1 little thing thats questioning me: Why do i see, when my page is loading, a loading message thats related with and ??

    This is the only script i use. There’s no other javascript or nothing at my testpage, so it seems it has something to do with your flash file.

    Do you know whats going on?

    • I’ve had this question pop up a couple of times. The thing is I haven’t coded this plugin from scratch. I’ve just added the autoresume feature to a plugin already existed. Having said that, I did look through the scripts to find any code snippet that might call these URLs you’ve mentioned. But I couldn’t find any.

      So at this moment, I really don’t know whats causing this.

  60. I’m using a theme from Elegant Themes…and I can’t get an answer there for this problem, so I’m hoping someone here an help. I’ve got the player loaded in the sidebar and it works great – but there is no sidebar on the front page – the page you land on when you enter the url. I’ve tried the various codes listed here on the home.php and on the index.php and for the life of me I can not get it to play any music on the front page. I only want one song to play, and when the page is left, I don’t want it to play. Can someone help me figure out what code to play and where to put it so that the music will play on the front page?

    #2 … The only thing that DOESN’T work – is when I go to settings/click on Tierra AP – only ONE mp3 file shows up – even though there are several that have been uploaded and sit in the same folder as the one that shows up. Even if I add a file and it uploads and says it uploaded – it still doesn’t show up in t he “Available Audio Files” .

    I’ve been trying to fix this for 3 days now – so if anyone can help I would SURE appreciate it!

    • I suspect if there are any theme options to enable the sidebar in the home page. But I might be of no help here as I never have edited any Elegant theme templates, nor have I used any Elegant theme. Try embedding the player in the footer area or the header area (next to your site title or somethin…) as they are common places for all pages.

      Secondly, check your URLs in a new browser window before you add them to the mp3 list. If one works, then all should work.

  61. thank you for answering. But I did see the question that I’ve asked a ways up – but no answer – I can’t get the ‘other’ mp3′s to show up in the playlist. I’ve uploaded them thru the manager both in just uploading them AND/OR by putting the URL address in there. Both upload – say it is successful – but they do not show up in the manager. Only one file shows up successfully. So the manager will not recognize (though it does say it successfully uploads them) any mp3′s that are uploaded. I’ve checked on the URL when I’ve uploaded them – they play on the specific URL.
    This theme only has a sidebar so I’ve put the widget for Tierra in the sidebar – it shows up – but of course with only the one visible mp3 that shows up in the manager. So I don’t think it has anything to do with the theme.

    If you don’t have any other ideas, do you know of any other player that will list more than 1 mp3?

    • This player does allow more than one mp3. You can check implementations from other users by following links from other comments on this page. It has to be something specific to your site or the server it is hosted at. I think almost all of the mp3 plugins at wordpress allow multiple tracks and playlists. So please try any other plugin as you seem to have several issues with this one.

  62. Hello. Your player is perfect for what I’m needing. The autoresume function is exactly what I’m looking for. However I’m having a terrible time getting it implemented. I copied and pasted the php into my footer and nothing is happening. The footer is adjusting height according to the values of the player, but other than that nothing. I’ve previewed the player in my WordPress control panel and everything is working fine there. I thought maybe the paths were wrong – so I looked at my ftp site and tried adjusting the path of the skin to /swf/xspf_player.swf and still nothing. Suggestions? Thanks in advance – know you’re busy.

  63. Hey
    What if I only want to show a play/pause button only? I want the song to play on homepage only and dont really need the player to be displayed.
    Help would be appreciated :)


  64. Hello,

    Excellent plugin. I have installed it and it works beautifully as a widget or in posts. However when, I am trying to add the player to my footer.php, I can not get it to play. i just see the code. Could you please tell me where to exactly place the code in the footer.php file.

    Thanks & regards

  65. Where exactly do I put the shortcode? No matter where I put it inside the Index.php file, I always get a ‘parse error’. Is there something that I need to change in the above template?

  66. Very nice plugin, thank you ! I have been looking for the autoresume functionnality for hours until I found you plugin !
    I have a question : is there a way not to display the playlist title above the player ?
    Thanks for your help

  67. Guys the xspf player is not working with windows server is there any solution to that???please help um stuck..:(

  68. I am trying to use a smaller player to match the design of my client’s website – so i used Fabricio Zuardi’s button player ( however it is not auto playing and I am not sure if it will auto resume (since I have to always press play) Is there another similar player (small) that I can use – or is there a way to edit this player to make it work?

    Thanks for the plugin – and your help!

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  70. Hello,
    I just require a “simple” mode of the player, i.e. with a Play/pause and Stop button. I would like the functionality of auto-resume to remain across pages.

    I have it placed in the footer, and have played with the widths of the player, in order to achieve the above. Does not look elegant, the player looks jumbled up with small widths and heights.

    Also tried to hide it completely with a DIV /CS style. But this again is not appropriate, I want to give the basic controls to the user.

    Any easier way to achieve this ?


  71. Hello Ameen,
    I managed to install the plugin, added a playlist and placed a short code in my footer.
    For some reason i can’t get the playlist to play on the homepage but on other pages.
    This is the site
    Did i miss anything as far as configuring the plugin
    Any help will be appreciated.

  72. i just downloaded your player and i think its great, but i am not getting that autoresume feature it promised, the playlist starts over when i change pages it could be me because i am new to wordpress but is there a setting that must be edited

  73. I also cannot get the auto resume to work. Fails in FF, IE9 and Safari. Only works in Google Chrome. Works great in Google Chrome.

    In Firefox it reloads right away from the beginning, but in IE9 it auto resumes for about 2 seconds, stops and reloads the song from the beginning. I have tried both the php and widget versions. I have switched around the code. No luck.

  74. Wow…awesome plugin, totally easy to work with…but I think I’m an idiot.

    I used the PHP code to add to my header…and it all works fabulous on the home page, but doesn’t show on the other pages. You can see it in the source code and even get the ‘flash info’ on the front end, but the player does not show or play the music.

    The short code worked great in the footer…

    Any thoughts on that?

    • Ok..I found out that if I change the location of the skin to the full path:


      That the player (skin) will show on every page in the header, but it gives the error that ‘no media is loaded’.

      So…I’m not any further…but that’s just some more info…

  75. Hi! your plugin is working fine in a single page, but I would like to have mp3 played on all site. I do not know where to put the php code….
    Please help!

  76. Hi,

    First, I would like to thank you for this very, very useful plugin.
    As far as I can see, you haven´t been replying for a few months. I hope you´re fine.

    The only thing I would like to see changed on the plugin would be the possibility not to display the playlist title over the player. Would you consider adding this feature? Is it possible already by changing the code?

    Once again, thank you.

    Best Regards

  77. I am having a tough time getting the auto-resume feature to work on my site. I have checked on different browsers, different computers, uninstalling and re-installing, the whole 9. If you could please. please help me i would appreciate it! Thanks

  78. Hey, this player is perfect for what I need. The autoresume function is exactly what I’m looking for – for a long time :)

    But I’v got a big problem! I run wordpress locally with multisites – and I’m not able to activate the plugin for the network – If I try I get the message “you have no permission” and all my plugins work anymore…till I delete the tierra plugin folder.

    Please help me, I’m really desperated :(
    greets, sarah

  79. hi. have i any chance fix encoding bug for cyrillic symbols in player? it’s play but show empty space in titles.

    and it’s strange cause of utf-8 must work with cyrillic fine(

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  81. I have the extended player in my header.php. Everything works perfectly except I can’t get images (album art) to show in the area provided. Just shows “LOADING” text. Are there additional steps to display an image?

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